The ravines and chasms in dreams mean any limitations or obstacles that will cause a strong sense of anguish, anxiety. On the other hand, symbolizes a fear. It interprets how the way your subconscious indicates that you are afraid to step forward on a project. To make this happen, usually you will dream that you are standing right on the brink. If you take a step that fall know, and that is your fear in real life.

If you dream that you fall off a cliff or ravine, symbolizes the depths of your being, always speaking figuratively. You’re afraid to reacquaint yourself with a part of you that you do not like or with some bad memories you thought were forgotten.

If you are falling into the abyss but never reach the ground, denotes a time of depression in your life. Do not see the answer to your current status. It is possible that you have accumulated several problems or concerns and do not know how to fix them. It is a rather unpleasant dream that you usually wake up suddenly and with a bad feeling nervous.

In short, this dream can mean:

  • Uncertainty, lack of confidence or doubt.
  • Limitations, obstacles or complications.
  • Emotional state temporarily damaged

Everything depends on what surrounds the action of sleep (your subconscious will give you clues) and how you feel once awake.

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