Normally, the butterflies that appear in dreams, skills or facets reflect some character of the dreamer. Usually positive things and for some reason, they are more acute lately.

Some of the adjectives that are associated with butterflies are creativity, open way of thinking, freedom of the soul… Some of the less positive senses of sleep may be the need to settle down, to focus, and how the absence of some of the qualities mentioned.

It is important for correct interpretation, set both in what happens with butterfly in her surroundings. Where is it! What color is it? And its size? These may be some questions to ask yourself before trying to figure out its meaning.

The fact dream of playing 2 butterflies including flitting together, is a sign that you are living a beautiful romance, a love that seems to be real, lasting. On the other hand, it may be the desire to have a relationship how said.

If you dream of killing a butterfly interprets how the way your subconscious telling you that you value too physical people and how their material goods. It is important that you begin to look inside if you want to be truly happy.

Many butterflies flying from one side to another, in many different colors, they mean that is appearing in you the inspiration you need for that project, or simply to fill.

Dreaming of a dead butterfly represents one project that eventually you could not perform as well how an unattained goal.

Generally, if you dream of a butterfly and do not see anything special in the dream, it can be understood how you are opening your mind to a new way of thinking, you’re changing my mind on some aspect of your life.

Have you dreamed of butterflies and want to know what it means? Tell us about your dream with all details and we will help you find out!