In dreams, the books do not usually have a leading role, rather they are a sideshow to help you make sense of the rest of the story. They refer to as important as wisdom, intelligence or knowledge values.

In cases where your dream will related to a goal to meet, the book will be a clear sign that you’re slowly getting, and if you keep this up, you will not have trouble reaching it.

The fact find sitting reading a concentrated way, it means you need information or advice on something. You need some help to finish the project you have in mind or to, once and for all, end the problem is bothering you.

An open book Dreamer denotes the ability to acquire knowledge as well as their willingness to accept advice when third parties.

If you see a closed book, fix your attention on its cover , what is represented or written in it. This will give many clues about which meaning can be in sleep.

If you dream of children’s books (coloring books or stories) is a sign that your child crave. They were good times and remember fondly. In specific cases, those childhood memories can be negative, traumatic, and hence you still come to mind.

If you see a bunch of dusty books, old, symbolizes a completed stage in your life. Forget it! You can also symbolize that you realize you’re missing something happened and increasingly less important to you.

Have you dreamed of books and you want to tell your dream? Still you need help for interpretation? Leave a comment and we’ll help!