Dreams where birds appear are very common, and generally tend to have a positive meaning.

Everything will depend on the type of bird or bird in question (not the same as a dove eagle, a parrot or a sparrow, for example).

Overall, a bird symbolizes your purpose, your goals, your objectives. The fact that birds are flying your dream makes him change its meaning as are ascribed some values ​​such as:

  • Freedom
  • Happiness
  • Harmony
  • Psychological comfort

That if, if something happens to the bird in flight, knocking him or changing his career, symbolizes the moment when something or someone influences the moment of peace or happiness in your life. It is most common dream of a bird flying and someone shoots (a hunter maybe) causing her to fall, killing or causing a loss of direction. Is interpreted as that while you were at a good point in your life, getting closer to your goals, someone or something could prevent get.

Bird eggs symbolize success, profit, money. It is a good element to find.

It is very common that when considering these dreams, he attributed the bird yourself. This changes if you yourself also show up on sleep. If for example you’re the hunted firing reflects a sense of guilt, because you know you’re hurting the welfare of another person, possibly important to you.

If birds aggressively attacking you, or even bite you, it means you have a mental kaos not know what direction to take in some aspect of your life.

The bodies of birds or dead birds dream symbolizes things that have gone wrong, and you did not think they could fail. It is one of the most negative aspects of this dream.

Have you dreamed of birds or birds and want to know their meaning? Tell us everything you remember for us help you.