Seeing a bear in your dream is directly associated with the strength, with the cycle of life, resurrection and, in some cases, even death. Before anyone panic, I must say that it is not a premonitory dream, tells you nothing is going to happen and still not be aware of it.

If you dream that a bear attacks you, it means you have a sense of insecurity and danger.

If you see a panda in the dream means that you acted irresponsibly, or you’re not taking it seriously enough an issue approaching. It is an animal associated with laziness and passivity.

If you go to a colleague’s house and encounter a bear inside (instead of the person who should be or right next to it) means that person is a leader for you, or a role model. You respect that someone.

If you are flowing with the car or other vehicle and a bear crosses your path, it is a sign of your subconscious that you might be unkind to those closest to you. Possibly you appreciate more heat from you.

IF you’re struggling or fighting with a bear and manage to win (whether he dies as if fleeing) interprets how successful against adversity or problem.

Sometimes bears in dreams, also symbolize the ruthlessness of the people, rage and cunning.

Its in your dream you identify with a polar bear, means that while you feel emotionless, cold. Should show more your emotions and feelings.

If you’ve dreamed of bears and still do not know the meaning of your dream in particular, tell us about it so I’ll give an interpretation.