At the time in which a beach appears in your dreams, you have to consider separately the two main elements that compose it. On one hand, the sand, refers to the more rational part of your being, the order yourself. Moreover, seawater, represents the opposite, irrationality, chaos, improvisation ..

When the only thing you remember about the dream (or what catches your eye) meet on the beach is very relaxing walking or standing, is a reflection of the tranquility that you will live in the coming days. Nothing will upset you.
If you look at yourself sleep the distance, sitting on sand and looking pensively sea, it is because you have realized that changes are coming in your life. Nothing seem minor, but they could go further. To determine whether these changes that are coming are good or bad, you should look at how hectic is the sea. If there are many waves, if the water is dark, or if, on the contrary, is very serene and calm.

However, if you find yourself on a balcony or in a mountain view and what is the beach in general, symbolizes how after some ups and downs, you begin to return to everyday life. Approximate times of calm.

If during sleep you are working on the beach, for example in a beach bar or lifeguard, it means that your next business success will take care much of the time of day without leaving space for leisure and pleasure. Those projects you have in mind are going to be okay.

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