It is most often dream of yourself in the bathroom. It is a dream to be special concerns, although it is true that can be interpreted in many ways depending on what happens during it. Dream be closely related to the release of self, the need to vent.

Overall, the bathroom (especially the shower) symbolizes the purification of the soul, and the need for self-renewal, to reconnect. It may feel dirty inside, because of a feeling of guilt or remorse.

If you dream that you are in a public restroom and you have many people around you because you lack privacy in your real life, you feel overwhelmed by something else. Looking for more space for yourself. You may also go into the bathroom you do not configured to do so (in boys if you are a girl or vice versa). This means that you think you’ve overstepped something, you’ve spent, you know. Perhaps you need to ask forgiveness for what you’ve done and still not ordering disturbs you.

The toilet bowl or toilet, then interprets how the need to rid yourself of something left over, something you will not use. Generally does not refer to physical things, but more of a character traits that bother us or think we would be better off without them.

If your dream basin is flooded, stuck, impracticable, means that you want to leave the others to see how you really are. Explain something important about yourself or release your innermost emotions.

On the contrary, if you dream you clean a toilet, it is a sign that you’ve begun to let go, to open yourself to yours so you can really know well.

The most common variation is the same dream of excrement.

You have dreamed of sinks or toilets and want to know how you should interpret it? Explain your dream leaving a comment and we’ll help you decipher its meaning.