Baptism, appearing in dreams is often interpreted as an act of inner purification, elimination of bad feeling. No need to be religious to dream of baptismo, indeed, is very common among atheists as well. This is usually a dream on a positive note. It refers to good things or changes for the better.

Yet, as in most dreams, their meaning depends on several factors:

If a baby or young child appears instead of your baptized, it is a metaphor for your subconscious which represents the renewal of the soul, a change for the better. It can be yours own, or someone who identify with that childlike figure. You can, for example, of a new way to face your challenges ,, a new attitude to adversity, or a drastic change of opinion.
If you are baptized you, you may have a glimmer of guilt. You have done or thought something is not right and baptism is the way you can autoperdonarte during sleep. It is a very common sleep especially after having some impure thought.
If you are a very religious person and have this dream, possibly no more importance than a way to renew your faith in God.
If occupies a special role when buried her head in the water and get it again, it could also symbolize how you get resurface after a blow. You’ve fallen, but you recover.
You have dreamed of a christening and still do not understand its meaning? Tell us everything you remember (who was, who is the protagonist, what happened ..). We will help!