The meaning of this dream, usually is linked very closely with some goal or objective that you have in your head. Not always refers to the workplace, sometimes referred to love, friendship, or other projects.

If burst balloons in your dream, is an allusion to those plans that you had and not going to comply. Each balloon exploded be a failed project.

Dreaming of a balloon that rises (up towards the sky) will indicate the complications that are getting in your way to success (in the sentimental or work normally). If the balloon flies smoothly means you will have a peaceful path to your goals. However, if you hit trees and encounters obstacles, it will be the opposite. If the balloon in question is going down instead of up you may find yourself in a moment of depression. This is further accentuated if the balloon is black.

If you dream that you are inflating a balloon (usually blowing) there is a hope that did not have before and now if you get something to achieve. Note that surrounds the scene to find out what it is. It is usually easy to recognize that the dreamer relates in particular. If the balloon is inflated than usual, it is possible that this objective will involve a very large pressure. If you do not finally breaks mean that you could overcome it and get everything you propose, even if it costs.

Another type of dreams related to balloons are those in which a balloon (of those with basket to travel) appears. If you find yourself flying in one of them is a cyclical change in your life, usually to overcome this bad patch you’re so worried today. From this point you should concienciarte you need to improve and do it. You depend overcome adversity to be happy again.

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