Normally, the meaning of dreams with babies is closely related to a new beginning of some aspect of your life in particular. It is also commonly associated with issues such as innocence or how inner feeling comfort.

If you’re not pregnant and you dream that you are about to give birth, it is that you’re trying to avoid any responsibility that touches you cope. You want others to solve your problems.

If a baby appears in your dream, the meaning can change completely depending on whether it is smiling or crying. If you are laughing or he looks very happy is merely a representation of your state of joy. In your present moment is very simple to make you happy, you do not ask much. But if he is sad and crying, it can mean either you’re not going on the right track to achieve your goals, or you want that you pay more attention, feel more support from yours. The same need for pampering and care appears when you dream that you yourself are the baby in question.

One of the best meanings of that dream is when you see a baby dancing or walking on 2 feet. It means you have a large capacity and is a harbinger of a bright future.

If in real life you have children who are still young, this dream is nothing but your subconscious representing the love you feel for them.

If the baby sleep is very clean, and angelic appearance, it is a good sign referring to your personal relationships. On the contrary, if it comes to a sick baby, it’s a bad representative of an upcoming emotional distress symptoms.

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