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The parakeets, also known as parakeets, are a type of colorful birds that, when appearing in your dreams, can provide a lot of information about it when interpreting it. In […]

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Jesus Christ

Encountering Jesus in a dream, especially if You are a devout person (believer) can be interpreted as a fulcrum. When an extra face a situation of force. It is very […]

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Stealing or robbing

You should not feel guilty if you had a dream in which you steal something. His interpretation, although it is directly related to the desire to win over as something […]

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As a rule, the dreams wheredolphins appear mean something related to the mind, with intelligence, with the intellect or emotions.

If you dream you are entered into a dolphin mounted as […]

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Undoubtedly, it is a beautiful dream that leaves us all a sense of peace and tranquility once we are awake. Rainbows are related to hope for something (usually good) finished […]

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Normally, dreams in which there appear volcanoes have a meaning related to any force. This can be positive or negative, divine or destructive. Everything will depend on how it all […]

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The dreams in which leeches appear usually have a meaning related to the fact that a person is taking advantage of another.

Generally, the person that leeches  “bite” is the same dreamer. […]

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Eskimos or inuit

Usually dreams of Eskimos (or Inuit) are associated with your personality, a description of it, a mood, a capacity…

In this type of dream, quite often they igloos (the “homes” made […]

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Octopus or Squid

Generally, when these animals appear in your dreams it is not a good sign. How long will all depend on the feeling that let you sleep to wake up as […]

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Big wheel or Ferris wheel

As with dreams in which they appear amusement parks, ferris wheels symbolize a longing to enjoy, to have fun, to forget for a while the responsibilities of your day.

On the other […]

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