Undoubtedly, this is one of those dreams where the perception left on the dreamer  is very important for proper interpretation. You must take into account when trying to decipher its meaning, what has left you feeling the dream in question.

For one thing, the ants are associated with very small, so it does not matter, so tiny. In addition to the effort, hard work, cooperation and order.

To find out what your dream means in question you must consider:

  • Do you remember someone ants?
  • Where are they?
  • Do you identify with any of them?
  • What are they doing?
  • Would you something bad happens during sleep?
  • Did they finish their work?

If your dream ants are working on something (eg carrying something) and get finish means that if you continue working as usual get all your goals. It is important to see if there have been teamwork or a single ant (tu).

If you identify with an ant that is sad, still, not accompanied by others, is the way that exemplifies your subconscious low self-esteem that you have lately. You value very little and that’s not good. For some reason you think you are less people around you.

With a political connotation, ants can represent social masses or the fact that you think you’re one of the gang, who do not excel over others. You may be acting in a somewhat conformist way. Things are how you see and think you can not change them. Therefore, you resign yourself to do the same as everyone.

Have you dreamed of ants and want to know what it means? Tell us everything you remember!