If you had a dream in which angels appear, is generally a good sign, something positive. Possibly something related to the protection, welfare and safety. They also symbolize purity or goodness.

Very often three angels appear in the dream. Normally a reference to God, to the divine.

In this type of dream is vital try to decipher what message carried by angels to you, since practically always appearing in dreams, in one way or another, trying to tell you something. Need not emit any word, have to look at his gestures and how what they can carry. You also have to be aware of everything around them. It is a kind of dream-laden tracks and symbolism.

On many occasions, the angel of sleep carries a scroll in his hands and shows it (can also be a fabric). The message will be linked to the development of your way to your goals in a short-term future.

If you dream that you yourself are an angel’s because you feel you have done well, you’ve done or said something that you know has done good for others. You have not been selfish and the way your subconscious to represent this attitude in a graphical way is through this figure with wings.

If on the contrary, you have acted in bad faith, you might as well dream of angels though in a more negative way. Their faces would be serious, like a scolding. We interpret how your guilt.

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