See a crocodile in your dream represents dishonesty, deceit, and a false front. This may indicate that you need to step back and reevaluate your position or point of view on a particular matter. It may also represent your ability to move between the material world of waking life and the emotional world of the unconscious repressed. In addition, the crocodile can symbolize the ability and talent to heal or revive.

When you dream of alligators or crocodiles, it is important to note that they are water creatures and land creatures. Water represents emotions, and how much the crocodile alligator have their house on the water, where they remain hidden. However, they are always aware of everything that happens in their environment.

Dream about alligators and crocodiles can mean that there is something of great power hidden just below the surface of your unconscious mind. They may represent a “hidden danger”, or manipulation and deception.

To dream that you are running from alligators indicates your refusal to confront a painful or annoying matter. You run away from the problems you have or look away to avoid dealing with them. You may be harboring a negative feeling. There is some potentially destructive emotion that does not want to admit they have.

According to the biblical interpretations, an alligator means you will be a victim of the sin of arrogance and vanity.

When an alligator or crocodile appears in your dream, you can be sure you have something important to share, either in front of a personal fear, or a difficult situation.

One of the most negative variants of this dream, is that sometimes, it can mean a serious betrayal by someone close to you; a relative or friend, for example.

If during sleep you step on the crocodile tail, you can be sure that problems that must be addressed if you want me to do no harm approach.

If you’ve dreamed of alligators or crocodiles, be encouraged to explain the exact dream, so we’ll help you look for a meaning.