In dreams, it is most often to see an accident in which we find ourselves involved or someone close to us (family or friend) is. When you wake up, you may feel a sense of anxiety and nervousness.

If you have a car accident, motorcycle or plane that may have hurt result relative to some guilt about something you’ve done or not done in a while in your sleep. In this case your provoke shock or collision by some oversight or irresponsibility. This will hurt you and others. It is important to feel that you are responsible for the accident. In that case, almost always the guilt represented by your subconscious.

If someone you love dies in an accident, how it is interpreted that any sensation or feeling has ceased to exist within. This is something that characterizes in real life the person who dies in your dream. For example if it is a friend who is very introverted, you may have ceased to be, you’ve changed. In other cases, maybe the relationship you had with that person has cooled to the point of no return to being what it was before.

In some cases this dream in which you drive and collide with the car is nothing more than a fear of driving given your inexperience or a change of car.

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