Dream about an abandonment is very common and a usual interpretation usually points regardless of the person who has the dream.

Surely if you dream you wake you leave with a feeling of nervousness, worry and discomfort that are not at all pleasant.

How ever, part of the meaning depends on the way opinion of seeing things each but can make various claims about an abandonment that appears in your dream:

Relate dream of being abandoned by someone with the fact we were alone. Generally it is not. It is rather a reference created by your subconscious that symbolizes the fact leave behind feelings of the past.
It is also true that this may be only the fear that your partner leaves you or your friends give you sideways. This happens especially when you recognize the person who leaves you.
Leaving someone you meet in dreams usually mean you’d let solve their own problems, not having to intervene or you get involved in matters with which in principle you should have no relationship.
You can also dream that someone abandons you when you fear that person can betray you in real life. In this case usually a dark dream that leave you (usually with a car, motorcycle or vehicle), and make you lose in the middle of the road, forest or mountains. Far from home.
How you may have noticed, this is a dream directly linked with some negative feelings. Almost always the fact that the abandonment refers is bad, either to your interests or those of another.

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